With its iconic folding wings and six machine guns, the Corsair proved exceptionally lethal in World War II and beyond.
The annual matchup was first played in 1890 and has since become something much bigger — and more important — than just a football game.
Scratching your head for ideas on what to buy the coolest and sometimes hard-to-shop-for people in your life? Coffee or Die has your six with our annual holiday gift guide.
Though often described as a political conservative, Hemingway openly supported socialist luminaries like Fidel Castro and Eugene Debs, a founder of the American Socialist Party.
Lt. Col. Lisa Jaster talks about being among the first women at Ranger School and fighting in the early days of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
From the American Civil War to present day, the US military has produced its fair share of supposedly haunted locales.
The headless horseman has haunted Sleepy Hollow for more than 200 years and has appeared in numerous films and television shows. Some are notably better than others.
Two centuries ago, during the American Revolution, a German soldier lost his head to a cannonball, and the legend of the headless horseman was born.
After 20 years in the Army, soldier-turned-author Matt Eversmann continues to serve by telling the stories of first responders. We sat down with the former Ranger to discuss his life and work on and off the battlefield.
The media at large is accusing Tom Brady of comparing football to war, but he didn’t. So why do you believe it?
Developed to protect Nazi pilots and inflict mass civilian casualties, the V-1 rocket ushered in a new era of long-range warfare.
An Army drill sergeant’s attempts to placate a menacing recruit cost him his career — and a pair of pants.
On D-Day+1, a US Army photographer captured one of the most iconic images of the invasion — an image he would later describe as “the picture of heroic beauty.”
The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is quickly becoming a thing of the past. As the last remaining models are being retired from service, it’s time to give America’s most iconic cop car a proper farewell.
The man who built this magazine from the ground up is saying farewell, but our mission here remains the same.
Since its inception in 1775, the US Navy has established some epic traditions that are still celebrated by sailors today.
Christian Bale is widely recognized as one of the best actors working today. He’s also given audiences some of the best movie fights of all time.
A crew of young Space Force Guardians will soon ship off to Earth’s favorite star to figure out why it’s been so darn hot lately.
Retired SEAL Jocko Willink credits harsh training for the elite units’ success on the battlefield. He cautioned against altering the notoriously rough training practices.
Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 Vietnam War epic “Apocalypse Now” is one of the most recognizable war movies ever made, yet few fans are familiar with the insane story behind its production.
After extensive renovations, the NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum in Annapolis Junction, Maryland, is reopening its doors with a trove of never-before-seen artifacts.
Teetotaling Navy Secretary Josephus Daniels inspired your “cup of joe.”
From pinup girls to Disney cartoons, the imagery that adorned the A-2 jackets of WWII bomber crewmen reflected who they were as both warriors and individuals.
China released a new trailer for the “Top Gun” imitation “Born to Fly,” marking the latest in a series of Chinese military movies.