Here’s a boozy seasonal drink that I like to call the Horny Snowman. I’m not too sure why I’ve named it that — perhaps you can decide.
In 2021, the editors of the influential coffee-buying guide “Coffee Review” ranked a Wush Wush variety as one of the best in the world.
Today, we’re making one spectacularly dazzling drink called the Flaming Spanish Coffee. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher standing by.
Kopi telur has long been a favorite in Padang, the capital and largest city of the Indonesian province of West Sumatra.
When a coffee shortage struck East Germany in 1976, the first thing the government did was produce a shittier version of the product.
Coffee consumption is on the rise in London, but beyond just fueling commuters, coffee also fuels their buses and fights climate change.
An old wives’ tale says that sprinkling coffee grounds around your home will keep the ants away. In truth, it might actually attract them.
Coffee’s creation myth rivals any origin story: Ethiopians hold that coffee was discovered by a goat herder and musician named Kaldi.
How do you turn from coffee noob into an insufferable — but very knowledgeable — coffee snob? Here’s a rundown of must-read coffee books.
Coffee may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Haitian exports, but Haitian Blue is about to change that.
In what some might call an early clinical trial in Sweden, twin convicted murderers were forced to drink coffee — or tea — for their freedom.
Gold rush inflation caused coffee prices in California to skyrocket to the equivalent today of paying around $1,200 for 1 pound of precious beans.
While many celebrities gravitate toward alcohol and fashion, coffee has become a staple in the celebrity quest to own a business.
Spanish coffee is a fiery concoction that hit the sweet spot in American palates when it was introduced in Portland, Oregon, in the 1970s.
Researchers say that coffee drinkers who prefer the bitter taste of black coffee have a genetic variant for metabolizing caffeine faster.
Coffee-infused bean dip is for truly devoted partiers looking to properly caffeinate while snacking and consuming drinks that aren’t coffee.
Born in India, Chai is consumed all over the world, and coffee conglomerates market chai lattes, Frappuccinos, and seasonal concoctions.
Tea and wine are used in rituals and services of various religions, but many of the faithful also have an interesting relationship with coffee.
In each wave of the coffee movement, we see how community and culture have shaped the bean’s social meaning in the modern coffee landscape.
Researchers looked at how the smell of coffee could affect people who are already accustomed to the influence of the stimulating drink.
In the 17th century, Christians viewed coffee as a drink created by Satan for infidels. Then Pope Clement VIII brought it to Jesus.
In lieu of paying an exorbitant amount of money for a steaming hot cup of mediocrity, you can make a (better) pumpkin spice latte at home.
In order to achieve your perfect cup with a French press, understanding its history, science, and design mechanics is imperative.
We added a crucial component to some of the most popular new year’s resolutions to give any goal the proper boost it needs — coffee.
Bulletproof Coffee has done a lot to normalize the idea of coffee as a meal replacement, but avocado coffee might be a healthier option.