The annual matchup was first played in 1890 and has since become something much bigger — and more important — than just a football game.
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Lt. Col. Lisa Jaster talks about being among the first women at Ranger School and fighting in the early days of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
The headless horseman has haunted Sleepy Hollow for more than 200 years and has appeared in numerous films and television shows. Some are notably better than others.
After 20 years in the Army, soldier-turned-author Matt Eversmann continues to serve by telling the stories of first responders. We sat down with the former Ranger to discuss his life and work on and off the battlefield.
Christian Bale is widely recognized as one of the best actors working today. He’s also given audiences some of the best movie fights of all time.
Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 Vietnam War epic “Apocalypse Now” is one of the most recognizable war movies ever made, yet few fans are familiar with the insane story behind its production.
China released a new trailer for the “Top Gun” imitation “Born to Fly,” marking the latest in a series of Chinese military movies.
Navy SEAL Terry Houin — who participated in the rescue of Captain Phillips — sits down with Army Ranger Jariko Denman and reacts to the 2013 movie based on the mission.
This absolute unit of a rifle is being used by Ukrainian soldiers and makes a .50-cal look like a paintball gun.
Twelve episodes of washed-up celebrities failing basic-training events? No thanks. If you want good TV, send these wannabe troopers to Kabul or Mosul.
First aired in 1972, M*A*S*H paved the way for a whole genre of dark comedies, yet even today the show still feels uniquely original.
With the debut of its official anthem, “Semper Supra,” the US Space Force has just solidified its place as America’s weirdest and wackiest military branch.
These five books examine World War II from different perspectives, helping create a more complete picture of the largest conflict in human history.
David Ayer’s 2014 World War II drama captured the brutal reality of tank warfare like no other film. It might also be the only production in history that involved an actor pulling out his own tooth to get into character.
Free to watch on YouTube, the long-forgotten documentary Project Grizzly chronicles one man’s epic quest to confront the bear that nearly killed him.
With his memoir hitting shelves this week, Bill Bee opens up to Coffee or Die about his band geek origins, fighting the Taliban, and the photo that made him famous.
Several Taliban members were killed over the weekend when a pilot crashed a Black Hawk. Remember, friends don’t let friends fly helicopters if they don’t know how.
This video answers the age-old question, “Could one UFC fighter beat 10 Marines in a grappling match?”
The new trailer for Netflix’s “All Quiet on the Western Front” appears true to the famous WWI novel’s anti-war message.
A Canadian paratrooper sparked controversy when he released a video of himself drinking Miller Lite on the job.
Bestselling authors James Patterson and Matt Eversmann have teamed up again, this time to tell the true stories of police officers from across the country.
In the 38 years since the film’s release, John Milius’ “Red Dawn” has been vindicated by modern conflicts that reflect the filmmaker’s vision of how an invading army is defeated by an insurgency of its own making.
Alexander Skarsgård might be best-known for his roles in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, but the Swedish actor also did big things in the Swedish Navy.
A new graphic novel by the Association of the United States Army recounts the heroic actions of Delta snipers Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart, who were posthumously awarded Medals of Honor for their roles in the Battle of Mogadishu.