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The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is quickly becoming a thing of the past. As the last remaining models are being retired from service, it’s time to give America’s most iconic cop car a proper farewell.
The man who built this magazine from the ground up is saying farewell, but our mission here remains the same.
For years, my brothers and I had been trained to take lives in the most violent ways possible; now, I was using my experience to try and save lives.
A Green Beret’s first elk hunt after 20 years of war.
Mileage may vary when it comes to Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, but I rarely find a fellow service member who’s read the book who doesn’t at least find the material recognizable in their own experiences.
Suicide has spread like a disease among veterans, and we are exacerbating the crisis by refusing to criticize those who choose to commit it.
During my first firefight in Afghanistan, I had something I didn’t have when I took shelter under a desk in the eighth grade. It was utility.
I spoke to many Vietnam veterans who feel as though they watched the fall of Saigon all over again and are heartbroken for Afghanistan vets.
Going public is a big step for anyone, but especially for guys like us who were dragging a rifle around war zones not too long ago.
He’d bounced between the US and Erbil for months, telling the stories of soldiers as well as everyday people from Iraq — then a pandemic broke out.
BRCC was born from a desire to be free of government service, a need to replace a commander’s intent with personal drive.
The end of the war in Afghanistan brings up a variety of emotions in veterans of the longest war. I feel proud, disgusted, sad, and more.
Today, I am recognizing my limitations and fighting the good fight. Afghanistan. I surrender. Shame, get back!
Axon Enterprise announced plans to develop a new tool for the prevention of mass shootings: a drone armed with Axon’s signature Taser.
Serious-minded and good-humored, Denys Antipov wasn’t only a Ukrainian soldier and a badass on the front lines of the war; he was a friend.
In 2021, a team of veterans set out to summit Washington’s Mount Rainier. At 10,000 feet up the mountain, a surprise snowstorm had other plans.
The bullpup rifle has become prevalent across large parts of the world in recent years, but it hasn’t caught on in North America yet.
Marvel’s latest move to distance itself from police who sport the iconic Punisher skull is a long time coming but still misguided.
When the clocks strike midnight this evening, it will mark a new year — and for Ukraine, the beginning of a ninth straight calendar year at war.
When I was about 6 or 7, I discovered my dad’s pictures from Vietnam. From that moment, I wanted to be a “grunt” like my old man.
After a harrowing rescue, Air Force veterans Stacy Pearsall and Andy Dunaway are still fighting to save their beloved draft horse Earl.
Toward my friend, I felt embarrassed, like I had found his porn collection. In this squeezing, grasping era, stolen valor seems so grubby.
Colin Powell was a great leader who championed a military doctrine the United States should embrace if we ever want to win another war.
Folks have been concerned about wildfires for a long time, but the past two years left many questioning whether we can fight them better.
The only counterinsurgency operations that result in long-term success are spearheaded by native governments that the populace sees as legitimate.