First responders routinely encounter ammo and other household items that snap, crackle, and pop.
A California man has been charged with attempted murder, arson, endangering a child, and other crimes.
The goal is for firefighters to keep 95% of blazes below 10 acres of burn.
Heavy rains and flash flooding plagued the North Texas city this week.
Logan Taylor died in the hospital where he’d been born 25 years earlier.
It all played out in the black of night, on treacherous terrain high above the forest floor.
An expert with the chain saw, Hotshot Collin Hagan was 27.
The 22-year-old Bella needed all the help she could get.
Wind is one of the deadliest weapons Mother Nature can hurl at firefighters battling a wildland conflagration.
A massive four-alarm fire that erupted in Chelsea, Massachusetts, early Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022, destroyed a duplex.
Both men were battling a raging fire near the Montana border.
Kentucky’s first responders and National Guard troops rush to rescue families dogged by downpours, floods, and mudslides.
He needed some good luck to find the survivor. It took some bad luck to get the rescue into a video.
US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center designed a new rough terrain jumpsuit for America’s elite smokejumper firefighters.
The federal fire brigade quickly extinguished the blaze at the Hoover Dam.
Emergency dispatchers told Minnesota’s Sleepy Eye Fire Department that a man was drowning in corn kernels.
Archaeologists and first responders recovered timber they believe came from the Santo Cristo de Burgos — a shipwrecked Spanish galleon.
When firefighters arrived at the Longwood house, they found a Florida man pinned by a large bough, 15 feet up the oak tree, screaming.
Fallen Philadelphia firefighter Lt. Sean Williamson was always faithful to his nation, his beloved city, and his company, Ladder 18.
It’s not every day that San Francisco’s firefighters have to rescue pole dancers, but the Golden State Warriors did just win a championship.
Sacramento firefighters were called to battle a damaged Tesla Model S battery blaze on June 9, 2022, at a California scrapyard.
A wildfire fueled by dry, windy conditions forced hundreds of people to evacuate homes in Arizona in mid-April.
The woman was screaming she’d left her dog behind in her convertible, which was overturned and filling with tidal canal water.
Tears and fond memories follow in the wake of a firefighter, Ryan Leif Erickson, killed during a Kandiyohi County storm.
Federal officials accuse a New York village’s leaders of protecting a senior firefighter who stalked and sexually harassed a female volunteer.