With the US and India deepening their military ties, the Himalayan mountain chain marks another geopolitical flashpoint with China.
A Connecticut man faces up to 20 years behind bars for trying to join Islamic State group terrorists.
The encounter highlighted a trend of increasingly aggressive Chinese military behavior in the region.
Prosecutors say an Alabama man shipped vital US-made parts to Iran’s energy sector.
Moscow’s already limited options for military and economic lifelines may be narrowing even more.
Coffee or Die Magazine visited a nuclear missile launch site and rode on a B-52 bomber — key parts of America’s 24/7 nuclear deterrent.
Civilian suffering has become a key Russian military objective.
Multiple international bodies have recently condemned Russia for its war crimes in Ukraine.
Russia’s missile and drone strikes have destroyed much of Ukraine’s power grid and created nationwide blackouts.
While it’s unclear whether North Korea possesses functioning nuclear-armed missiles, some experts say Friday’s launch involved its longest-range missile, which is still under development and is designed to carry multiple nuclear warheads to overcome U.S. missile defense systems.
The Artemis 1 space launch system is the rocket that will carry Americans back to the moon.
This marks the first time since Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine that weapons have hit a NATO member.
Enjoying advantages in supply and morale, Ukrainian forces will likely press their advantage regardless of the weather.
The retired pilot handed over secrets from two defense contractors to Chinese agents, smuggling cash into the US and arranging complicated payment schemes in Korea.
As part of a $400 million arms package, the US will pay to rehab 45 tanks owned by the Czech Republic for delivery to Ukraine. Other weapons include drones and and boats.
Advanced US-built anti-aircraft missiles have arrived in Ukraine, according to a defense official there. Russian cruise missiles and aircraft have targeted power plants and infrastructure in recent months.
A select batch of wine survived a Russian missile strike and became a symbol of Ukrainian resistance.
A Ukrainian couple living in Kyiv welcomed the birth of their daughter on Oct. 9. The next day a barrage of Russian missiles hit the city.
Allison Fluke-Ekren got the max federal prison sentence after years serving the Islamic State group in Syria.
Moscow surged its campaign of missile and drone strikes against Ukraine’s civilians and critical infrastructure.
Syrians are trying to build a democracy in the wake of the Islamic State group, but will it work?
Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi, the terrorist financier called Phish, will stay behind bars in the US.
On Monday, Oct. 17, Russia fired 28 Iranian-made, Shahed-136 strike drones at Ukraine’s capital city.
Ukraine’s winters are notoriously tough. Russian missiles could make this one much more miserable.
A wave of Russian missiles struck Ukraine’s capital city on Monday, Oct. 10, underscoring Russia’s deliberate targeting of civilian sites.