Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency reported that Russian commanders authorized rear detachments to open fire on soldiers who abandon their battlefield positions.
The smiles of freed Ukrainian POWs concealed many backstories of intense suffering.
An unusual, unmanned boat washed up on a beach near a Russian navy base in occupied Crimea.
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the partial mobilization of reservists to raise 300,000 new troops for Russia’s failing war effort in Ukraine.
Coffee or Die visits Ashraf 3, the home of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, or MEK, a resistance group banished from Iran for nearly 50 years.
Some Russian troops in the southeastern region of Kherson may be stealing civilian motorboats to cross the Dnipro River to escape battle.
For a $10,000 donation to Ukraine’s military, you can commission a Ukrainian pilot to write a personal message on an American-made AGM-88 missile.
A barrage of eight Russian cruise missiles struck a dam and caused a flood in central Ukraine.
Over the past two weeks, Ukraine’s stunning battlefield performance has once again reshuffled the war’s outlook.
A Ukrainian counteroffensive is rapidly gaining back occupied territory in eastern Ukraine.
With Russian forces slowly losing ground along the entire front line in Ukraine, Moscow has closed the spigots on a key gas pipeline to Europe.
Officials in Moscow suggest the chairman of the Lukoil board fell out of a window.
On Thursday, Ukrainian students began a new academic year amid the countrywide threat of Russian missile attacks and a grinding land war on the country’s southern and eastern front lines.
Reports of heavy shelling against Russian forces in Ukraine’s southern Kherson region signaled the opening salvos of a much-anticipated Ukrainian offensive to push back the front line of Moscow’s invasion force.
A few backup diesel generators and some watchful Ukrainian workers may have prevented a radiation disaster at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant on Thursday, Aug. 25.
The Russian-hosted Tank Biathlon just might be the most Russian thing ever — a demolition derby for giant battle tanks and heavy armor.
The expression “freedom isn’t free” might be considered a bit of a cliche in countries where citizens have the privilege of taking their freedom for granted. That’s not the case in Ukraine.
Instead of the traditional military parade for Ukrainian Independence Day in 2022, dozens of destroyed Russian military tanks and other vehicles were lined up in central Kyiv for all to see.
The same reconnaissance drone that Navy SEALs used in the 2009 mid-ocean rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips from the Maersk Alabama will soon be in the hands of Ukrainian forces combating Russian invaders.
Six months into Russia’s full-scale war, one Ukrainian charity is using $17 million in donations to purchase control over a cutting-edge surveillance satellite.
While citizens in Ukraine’s capital are no longer hunkered in bomb shelters, the war is far from over.
McDonald’s announced Thursday it would re-open some restaurants in Kyiv and western Ukraine, ending a countrywide shutdown that began on Feb. 24, the day Russia’s full-scale invasion began.
Ukraine launched a “humiliating” attack against a Russian air base in Crimea, destroying many Russian warplanes and buildings.
Nuclear safety experts said shelling of a Ukrainian nuclear plant could be a disaster as Russia ups nuclear rhetoric.
The United States will send $1 billion in additional military aid to Ukraine, the largest arms package yet announced under President Joe Biden’s Presidential Drawdown Authority.