Airmen assigned to the MacDill Air Force Base are allowed to evacuate as Hurricane Ian approaches, but some may have to pay for their own evacuation.
NASA’s DART mission will crash a spacecraft into the asteroid Dimorphos on Sept. 26, trying to permanently redirect its orbit and demonstrate that Earth can be defended from a space object hurtling its way.
Hundreds of high-demand jobs in the Air Force will not see pay cuts next month as originally planned.
A paratrooper was gunned down outside of his apartment just on Sept. 12, police say.
Could a sci-fi vision of deployments become a reality in mere decades, with space rockets used to send troops around the globe?
In the early hours of Dec. 13, 2017, the airmen aboard Pyro 76 — an Air Force MV-22 Osprey — were falling out of the sky.
An Air Force CV-22 Osprey made an emergency landing on a remote Norwegian island almost a month ago. It’s still there, and Air Force officials aren’t sure how to get it out.
Officials at Malmstrom Air Force Base, a hub for nuclear missiles in central Montana, chartered a plane to fly in 300 Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches as a treat for on-base junior enlisted troops.
The Army grounded its entire fleet of CH-47 Chinooks — about 400 aircraft in all — citing a design flaw that created a potential for engine fires.
As Kabul collapsed in chaos, two AC-130J Ghostrider gunships flew for 30 hours over US diplomats and military forces.
US forces used AC-130 gunships, AH-64 attack helicopters, and 150mm M777 artillery cannons to attack Iranian-backed militias in Syria after a series of escalating attacks against US outposts there.
As part of Pacific Angel 2022, the operators teamed up for bilateral training on a mass-casualty exercise and free-fall parachuting from a C-130J — including some acrobatics captured by an Air Force photographer.
The government prosecution presented a case against Tech. Sgt. David Dezwaan Jr. that, if it goes to trial, hinges on a provisional timeline, faulty camera footage, and no physical evidence.
A major in the Space Force owns a rental town home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where a woman found a hidden camera in the bedroom.
Alaska Air National Guard rescue teams pulled off three missions in the span of two days to cap a busy summer.
David Dezwaan Jr. is accused of stealing documents, setting explosives, and injuring other service members at Mission Support Site Green Village, Syria, in April 2022.
The Air Force grounded its fleet of CV-22 Ospreys, the service’s primary aircraft for inserting and recovering special operations forces, after two troubling mechanical failures in six weeks.
Members of the Biloxi chapter of the Air Force Sergeants Association found eight bricks of cocaine, wrapped in tape and plastic for smuggling and labeled with “Dior” stickers, washed up on a Biloxi beach.
A Russian satellite is stalking a secret US spy satellite and may have passed suspiciously close to the classified American ship Thursday, Aug. 4.
Some female service members are purchasing male editions of the Army and Air Force hot weather uniforms and paying to have them tailored to meet presentation standards.
Going from enlisted grunt to flying attack helicopters isn’t easy. Former machine-gunner, CWO2 Joseph Canty, shares his hard-earned advice on making the leap.
A wayward cargo load smashed the rotor blades on their Chinook. Somehow, they flew it home.
The Air Force says it will no longer let pets sit in hot holding areas during military PCS moves after a Marine Corps family’s dog died en route to Okinawa, Japan.
Niloofar Rahmani describes her fight to become Afghanistan’s first female pilot, her recent memoir, and her mission to fly for America.