Cecily Aguilar pleaded guilty in federal court to helping her boyfriend, Army soldier Aaron Robinson, hide Guillén’s body after he killed her in 2020.
Tom Rice died peacefully at his home in Coronado, California. He was 101.
The All American Division stands ready as the United States’ premier global response force.
Elite sniper teams shoot it out at the home of special operations.
Snow delayed Washington National Guard soldiers on their way home from an all-hands drill weekend in Yakima, Washington.
Paul Kim, a 12-year US Army veteran, was killed in combat on Oct. 5 while fighting Russian troops in southern Ukraine. Kim’s funeral will be held on Friday, Nov. 4, in his home state of Texas.
Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III welcomed home troops from the XVIII Airborne Corps on Tuesday, Nov. 1, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
Inside the final field test for the 50th Expeditionary Signal Battalion-Enhanced, the army’s most high-tech communications team.
The Sergeant Major of the Army talks about high retention despite the recruiting crisis and the Army’s plan moving forward.
The former Army National Guard first sergeant also ran the base’s youth ministry.
Byron Booker, a former soldier on Fort Stewart, pleaded guilty in federal court to murdering Spc. Austin Hawk in June 2020 after Hawk had reported him for marijuana use, among other things.
By the end of 2023, soldiers will go into the field with 24 new weapons and other combat systems, either prototypes or fully operational equipment, from the long-range “Dark Eagle” missiles to the Army’s first new infantry rifle in 50 years.
The new AbramsX tank will weigh 13 tons less and use half the fuel of the Army’s current versions, and it will drop the need for a human loader by using an auto-load system for its main gun.
Soldiers who earn an expert field medical, infantryman, or soldier badge will earn more promotion points in 2023, while top fitness scores will earn less than in the past.
Three thousand Washington Army National Guard members will hit the ground running in the Commanding General’s Run — a first for the Guard — in Yakima, Washington, in early November.
Since the Army implemented a land navigation pilot at its mandatory Basic Leader Course, only about half of soldiers have gotten passing scores. The Army wants to know why.
The generals charged with strategies and tactics across the Pacific, from Taiwan to Alaska, said cold-weather combat capabilities and strong allies would be key in the future.
Spc. Samuel Alvarez was named the Army’s top soldier for 2022, while Sgt. Garrett Paulson was named the service’s top NCO.
In a shift soldiers have sought for years, those who can show they are in top physical shape will no longer have to “prove it” with a hated tape measure test.
An inspector general report faulted Maj. Gen. Patrick Donahoe for feuding online with a Fox News host over the role of women in the Army.
After eight days of events, including a board interview with sergeants major from across the Army, a team from 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, was named the Army’s inaugural “best squad.”
Behind the scenes of the first Army-wide Best Squad competition, where teams of Rangers and Paratroopers competed alongside clerks, paralegals and a Cyber Command team called “The Geek Squad.”
The US Army scrapped divisional military intelligence battalions in 2004 as part of a Pentagon push for a more modular force structure.
Two 1st Cavalry Division colonels at Fort Hood were relieved of command in unrelated decisions this week, Army officials said.
During ferocious fighting in Anzio, Italy, Harold Nelson’s commander wrote to Nelson’s mother that he’d been put in for a Silver Star. Now 107, Nelson finally got it.