Letter bombs mailed to the US Embassy in Madrid and Spanish government offices triggered elevated security at Naval Station Rota.
A blaze erupted on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, injuring nine sailors before it was extinguished.
Marines and sailors see the landing assault ships Tripoli and America as light carriers.
On Thanksgiving Day, the Coast Guard saved a naked man waving a sock.
Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano, erupted late Sunday in Hawaii.
US officials called “false” communist claims the guided-missile cruiser Chancellorsville unlawfully trespassed in Chinese waters.
First in its class, the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford returned home to Virginia after its maiden cruise to the North Atlantic.
The US Coast Guard’s only heavy breaker on the Great Lakes is delivering a special present to the Windy City.
In Indiana, Santa is a Marine staff sergeant and a civilian philanthropist, and they’re going to help 40,000 kids.
Female Marines get updated hair regs; Navy uniforms being refitted for women.
The cheer at the heart of the US Men’s National Team’s World Cup run traces to the US Naval Academy and a legendary sports team that included a future Navy SEAL hero.
US Navy forensic investigators say bomb residue and drone debris signal an Iranian attack.
Big Navy debuts Senior Enlisted Marketplace to woo chiefs to sea.
A seven-story pillar of fire and soot belched from the Atlantic Lily while its crew tried to unload jet fuel.
The top Dust Devil, Cmdr. Cassidi Reese, was relieved of command of Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 31.
A gathering storm of five powerful carrier strike groups from the US and other NATO nations will sweep across European waters this month.
The commander of the team cleaning up the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility will pin on a third star.
US and Israeli officials condemned what they say was an Iranian aerial drone attack on the oil ship Pacific Zircon.
Four pumps, two helicopters, and a littoral combat ship saved three mariners from the sailboat Chimera off the coast of Georgia.
She’s the first woman, enlisted or commissioned, to perform with the Corps’ Silent Drill Platoon.
A US destroyer and cutter intercepted explosives bound from Iran to Houthi rebels in Yemen.
President Joe Biden threatened North Korea over long-range missile tests while war games continued in the Philippine Sea.
Navy leaders say vets who exited the service with unsigned DD-214s shouldn’t face discrimination for their honorable service.
America’s flag officers send heartwarming Veterans Day messages to their troops.
Fair winds and following seas to Camp Geiger Marine Pfc. Dylan B. Covington.