When he was released, after 28 months as a prisoner, he thought he would face charges. Instead, he was told he’d won the highest award for valor.
The museum will open in 2024 with 100,000 square feet of exhibits dedicated to the soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, and one Coast Guardsman who have been awarded the nation’s highest medal for valor.
Twitter users have urged followers to support an Army vet’s Colorado brewery after he tackled a nightclub shooter on Saturday.
Federal investigators say a US Army Ranger combat veteran texted threats about a VA leader.
Coffee or Die Magazine caught up with Mike Glover over a cup of coffee to talk espresso, Yemen, and how hard it is to start a business.
The Florida governor wasn’t a frogman, but he was the legal advisor to an elite task force in Iraq.
Geoffrey Johnson, a retired Marine Corps first sergeant, has been instructing cadets at an Oklahoma City high school since 2001.
Two D-Day veterans share stories about their World War II battles.
Everything to know about the federal holiday that honors those who served in America’s armed forces.
Black Rifle Coffee Company is known for celebrating service members year-round, but this Veterans Day, the BRCC team produced an extra-special creation for the community.
Every Nov. 11, businesses offer discounts and freebies to active and former military personnel.
Both Mike Jackson and Rick Hines served as Army Special Forces medics, or 18Ds, and together they now run Whetstone, a weekly mentorship group that’s been turning the next generation of SF medics into well-rounded leaders for the past four years.
TacGas, a media production company for the tactical and entertainment industries, made its mark producing and capturing hyperrealistic and supremely accurate military simulations for its clients’ marketing and training needs.
Two US veterans from Alabama who volunteered to fight alongside Ukrainian forces against Russia and have been missing since June were released in a prisoner swap Wednesday.
Cops have no clues on who filched the belongings of the Marine veteran.
Oregon veteran, in throes of mental crisis, says she could not get through.
Grassroots veteran organization Six Feet Above hosted a three-day retreat with group discussions and self-reflection via ollies and nosegrinds
Veterans and songwriters find inspiration in music and each other at Operation Song’s nationwide workshops, helping veterans face the trauma that accompanies war.
Shootout for Soldiers hosted its 10th annual 24-hour lacrosse event to raise money for veterans, continuing the game’s warrior history.
The US Army hero had performed a lot of brave feats in Vietnam, but never this.
He kept his secret for more than three decades. But who was he? And why was he hiding his real name?
Special operations warfighters have had a close tie with the watches they wear for nearly a century, and I wanted to be a part of this living history and carry it forward.
Convicted grifter Anthony Kelley rooked veterans attending his barber college.
Despite its criminal probe into Anthony Kelley’s business and his conviction for bilking GI Bill students, the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ medical center in Jackson continued to pay him to cut hair.