The aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford will spend at least one more day in Virginia.
Prosecutors failed to prove Seaman Recruit Ryan Mays torched the Bonhomme Richard in 2020.
Hurricane Ian brought torrential rains, high winds, and massive flooding.
Squads of five soldiers each, representing 12 commands from around the world, vied to be named the Army’s “Best Squad” on day one of a weeklong contest at Fort Bragg.
A sister littoral combat ship led a sortie of vessels out of Mayport to escape Hurricane Ian.
Ford’s technological glitches included propulsion problems, hinky elevators, and gremlins in the catapults.
Authorities believe the Army veteran tried to sell out his country for $85K in cryptocurrency.
It would take four straight rides on Kingda Ka, the biggest roller coaster in North America, to replicate the dives, climbs, and G-forces an Air Force Reserve crew absorbed in three minutes inside Hurricane Ian.
The Navy commander is a helicopter test pilot who’s pleaded not guilty.
The guided-missile destroyer Delbert D. Black scored the latest victory in the Gulf of Oman.
Get a peek inside the Army’s competition in which the soft skills of interrogation and human intelligence collection meet the hard reality of field tactics.
The flattop Ronald Reagan is conducting maritime maneuvers with South Korean forces.
After winning home-base contests, a dozen squads from across the world will compete at the first Army-wide competition for the title of Best Squad.
Airmen assigned to the MacDill Air Force Base are allowed to evacuate as Hurricane Ian approaches, but some may have to pay for their own evacuation.
The combined Chinese-Russian surface action group intercepted by US forces earlier in September in the Bering Sea was far more powerful than initially reported.
The Norwegian military recovered a US Air Force CV-22 Osprey, which had been stranded on a remote island nature reserve since early August, on Tuesday, Sept. 27, with a crane boat.
The defense team is trying to punch holes in the prosecution’s theory about what caused the Bonhomme Richard blaze.
The Chinese-Russian surface action group was sailing north of Kiska Island.
Larry Nemec mysteriously disappeared off his boat near Galveston, Texas.
NCIS claims Seaman Recruit Ryan Mays sparked the $1.2 billion Bonhomme Richard blaze.
An Air Force sergeant will face a general court-martial to determine whether he orchestrated an “insider attack” on a US outpost in Syria in April that injured four service members.
Now that active-duty Army recruits can select their first duty stations, Alaska’s bases and Fort Carson, Colorado, have come out on top. Midwestern bases and Bragg — not so much.
Authorities are puzzled by how a Houston man mysteriously vanished from his boat in the Galveston Channel.
Watch US and British forces blast apart the decommissioned frigate Boone.