Law Enforcement

Coffee or Die Magazine buzzes Baboquivari Peak and beyond, looking for smugglers and lost hikers.
Jesus Alberto Ibarra-Barraza has been indicted for vowing to murder a federal agent the day after he was detained for allegedly smuggling Guatemalans into the US near Arivaca, Arizona.
The FBI and the Coast Guard Investigative Service arrested the catamaran skipper in the Gulf of Mexico.
Colorado cop and Air Force veteran Dillon Vakoff died after responding to a domestic disturbance.
A law enforcement database query tipped off officials about her bogus nuptials.
A golden retriever bounds into the Colorado brush. Can rescuers find her before the coyotes do?
David Scott Scofield will spend 18 months inside a federal penitentiary.
New York State Police Trooper Francis “Frank” Rush is a gunnery sergeant in the Marines, too.
When the thermometer nears 100 in the Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona rescuers scramble to save lives.
Rogue New Jersey cop Michael Cheff was convicted by a federal jury in Newark on one count of conspiracy to deprive persons of civil rights and one count of falsifying a police report.
Eric Jayson Suarez will spend five years behind bars for aiming a laser pointer at an Orange County Sheriff’s Department helicopter.
David Ip had urged one of his part-time security guards, Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Deputy Adrian Morin Sr., to do something about three disgruntled ex-employees, investigators said. Morin called ICE on the workers.
Faith Rose Gratz pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to distribute methamphetamine inside a penitentiary.
Thomas Webster is going behind bars for a decade.
The sea service temporarily relieved Capt. Marc Brandt following a mishap involving his vessel.
Deborah Martinez-Garibay, the Arizona constable gunned down last week in Tucson, is being remembered as a red-lipstick-wearing, badass wonder-woman US Army veteran who loved serving her country.
Arizona’s first responders know it’s the season for storms and dangerous mountain rescues.
A 16-year veteran of the force, the horse was suffering from cancer.
Nashville detectives suspect Gloria Villa Avila killed her fiance in 2019.
FBI agents said they’d raided the former president’s Florida residence to seize classified records.
Dangling three stories above a bobbing oil tanker, the rescue swimmer knew this one was going to be a little different.
Sgt. Ray O’Connor had been shot at twice, but those attacks were nothing compared to the bees.
Nicholas Haglof has been sentenced to four years behind bars.
Shelly Stallings, 43, of Morganfield, Kentucky, pleaded guilty for her role in the 2021 riot on Capitol Hill.